A second day of working with GPT-2

Getting the GPT-2 model setup on this Windows 10 machine was not as straightforward as I had hoped it would be yesterday. Python got upgraded, Cuda got upgraded, cuDNN got installed, and some flavor of the C++ build tools got installed on this machine. Normally when I elect to work with TensorFlow I boot into an Ubuntu instance instead of trying to work with Windows. That is where I am more proficient at managing and working with installations and things. I’m also a lot more willing to destroy my Ubuntu installation and spin up another one to start whatever installation steps I was working on again from the start in a clean environment. My Windows installation here has all sorts of things installed on it and some of them were in conflict or something with my efforts to get GPT-2 running. In fairness to my efforts yesterday, I only had a very limited amount of time after work to figure it all out. Time ran out and installation had occurred via the steps on GitHub, but no magic was happening. Time ran out and that was a truly disappointing scenario to have happened. 

Interrupted. School.

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