Smartphones or video cameras

Capture that moment. Remember it. Reflect on it. We record things in a variety of ways. The technology we use to record things has changed markedly. The way we remember things on our own remains the same. Some folks can simply think back and recall a moment. That recollection is probably better than anything virtual reality has to offer. It was reality or at least the part of it that was captured in a memory. People have turned to very fleeting forms of online interactions. A lot of the social networks that are running today are uniquely about the now. They focus on a live stream of things. Even the greatest of hits quickly fade away. Sometimes they pop back up in a remember this day kind of way, but that lacks any real historical narrative. It ends up being a series of single serving moments that never really coalesced into a story.

Today may be the first day that I have ever thought about buying a GoPro. That thought seemed to have blinked into existence out of nowhere. It does not appear to be an entirely useful thought. It probably has something to do with the amount of news stories that have been percolating about GoPro over the last two months. Over the last few days, I have been testing out the 4K video recording capabilities of my Google Nexus XL. It is entirely possible that the XL will meet my video needs. I could make it work. Smartphones have made recording memories easier. Only the need for a certain degree of video quality probably drives the need for more advanced technology. Those needs exist for professional video editing. Most of the video or photos that are captured during any given day or moment did not require or revolve around professional equipment.

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