Setting down the smartphone

Both my smartphones have been stored for the day. Yeah. Today I’m going to keep my smartphones in a Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case. For a very long time before mobile communications people used to operate just fine without all the notifications and announcements that come with smartphone ownership. That G40 case holds both of my smartphones and is waterproof. Directly the benefit of using the case is that it makes the phones harder to check and utilize during the day. Just that little bit of extra barrier should be enough to help remind me to leave the phones alone today. 

On a daily basis I receive very few phone calls and should be able to handle those with my new Google Pixel Buds. Opening the earbud case and tapping the side of it to answer the call should be easy enough to accomplish. 

It should be easier this morning to produce a ton of glowing prose about this plan to set down my smartphone, but the glowing words are not arriving. My two shots of espresso have been consumed. Things are starting to move along as the world around me speeds up a little bit. My 48 oz Nalgene water bottle is ready for the day. That water bottle is my personal reminder throughout the day that I’m supposed to consume 48 oz of water to supplement my other daily beverages. I know that factoid about my daily water consumption is not very exciting. 

It was probably time to move on to the next paragraph after the first sentence above. Moving along is always harder to do first thing in the morning. Things either grab my attention or they don’t. Waking up is a funny type of mirror on the things that matter the most. Naturally every day I should wake up and want to write about how the intersection of technology and modernity is changing the very nature of how society interacts. During the process of booting up (maybe waking up is a better word choice, but I’m sticking with it) that consideration of seachanges in civil society does not really happen. Something happens as the world begins to come into focus and my ability to assign attention to things becomes more powerful, but that all happens in those first few minutes of sitting down and beginning to write. For the most part this functional journal stays true to the role it has played for years. I look at the things that need to be done and think about how those things are going to progress. All of this writing is about surfing the trajectory toward a perfect possible future based on the imperfect nature of my ability to get work done.   

Interrupted. Work.

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