Processing archive files

It’s Friday again and that means the weekend is almost here. Over at Newegg they shipped the new ASUS DVD/Blu-ray drive very quickly. It arrived already. At the moment, it is plugged into the front of my Corsair Air 740 cube computer case. It has been running well enough. I have been working on the pile of backups and trying to help the pile of finished discs to be larger than the pile of content to discover. Some of these archives are full of somewhat interesting content. I’m not sure exactly why at the time some of this backup content was chosen to be put together on a Blu-ray disc. Some of these backup archives seem pretty random in what they contain. I had expected them to just be a backup of either a very large folder or the entire system. One of the more interesting parts of this whole process is that I apparently put my backup blu-ray discs in these paper containers instead of putting them in the archive book. Strangely enough I do not really remember doing that. This disc I just put in the drive was a video backup from 2009 that just contained about 4 gigabytes of named video files. That was a more expected result from this archive file scavenger hunt. 

None of this content so far seems to be unexpected files or a treasure trove of my lost writing. I’m pretty sure that if any lost novels are on one of these discs it is probably one of the zip drives or something. I used to sit down and produce prolific amounts of words in a single day and night. One solid continuous writing session that would produce something at the end. There are a few novels that I recall writing, but don’t have copies of anymore. At one point, I had thought about slapping a few of them together and leaving them in a published format for posterity. It does appear that 2009 to 2010 was the last time that I seriously backed up data on Blu-ray disc.

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