Ordering a New Fitbit

A Fitbit Surge (The Fitness Super Watch) will arrive in 6 to 8 weeks. That order has been placed. The device was ordered to add heartrate tracking to my fitness data. The only real problems I have had with my Fitbit Flex have been related to charging the device. It is a real challenge to get the connections lined up properly for charging. I have been pretty happy with the Fitbit ecosystem.

The coffee of the day is a Guatemala Antigua from Starbucks. I’m pretty happy with it at the moment.

I watch This Week in Google (TWIG) every week. It is my favorite show to watch on an airplane. I make an effort to download it before any flight. This week was the last episode with Gina Trapani as a regular contributor. The combination of Gina Trapani, Jeff Jarvis, and Leo Laporte was epic. It was great while it lasted. It was my favorite show. Together Gina and Jeff engaged in a deep level of technology related discourse that challenged elements of how technology and society intersect.

View from an airplane



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