One less box of clutter

Watching a bunch of 25 gigabyte Blu-ray discs backup yesterday was interesting. It made me wonder what the point of keeping all this data was exactly. The actual word document part of the whole thing is only a fraction of the total data. Maybe keeping the photos and videos makes sense at some level. Someday I might want to review them like a digital scrapbook of sorts I guess. For the most part the whole exercise was just filling in a few gaps in my archival process over the years. On the brighter side of things one of the many tubs that was in the basement has been cleaned out can that means one fewer box of clutter remains. Seriously, I spent some time wondering yesterday what would happen if my entire disc collection was thrown away. For the most part the files that I might need are backed up to three different clouds and that should be enough to keep moving along.

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