One Drive Sync Problems

Frustrating. Computer problems can be very frustrating. A computer software problem wasted a few hours of my time. It has been happening for about a week. It happens every time a user saves a Microsoft Office 365 Word 2013 document. During the One Drive save process the entire thing crashes and restarts. You can imagine that this type of problem is frustrating in a very epic way.

One Drive runs natively within Microsoft Windows 8.1. The application does not appear to have a repair function. Other people seem to be having similar problems. The specific error includes the verbiage, “There was a problem signing you into OneDrive.” Most of the troubleshooting advice surrounds checking to make sure the “OneDrive Sync engine host” application is running. I was able to force a restart of the One Drive sync service by hitting the Windows key + r to get a run dialogue box then typing “skydrive.exe /reset”.

That command forced the One Drive application to sync. The sync took several hours. That command did remove the “There was a problem signing you into OneDrive” that occurred anytime the application was opened. However, the main problem related to saving Microsoft Office 365 Word 2013 documents remains. Every time a document is saved to One Drive the application restarts. Documents can be saved locally. The whole point of the One Drive service revolves around saving to the cloud. Right now that functionally is broken. The Microsoft support team needs to encourage One Drive developers to provide a few more troubleshooting options.

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