On Computer Monitors

Computer monitors specs are rapidly changing. The news specs are phenomenal. Some of them even have curved screens. They have increasingly smaller bezels, are lightweight, and are increasingly compact.

A wave of consumer video resolution changes seems to be coming. Ultra high definition television (UHDTV) products were all over CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is time for a new standard. Some of the new computer monitors are pretty amazing. That is great news for anybody that is will to watch for sales on discontinued models.

I recently purchases a Lifespan treadmill vs. ordering a new computer monitor setup. Both my HP x2207 and HP 2710m monitors are still fully functional. I had been thinking about getting two of the curved monitors to build a real immersive desktop environment. Some of the new desktop monitor mounts are pretty cool. People seem to be setting up three or four large monitors. That creates a ton of workspace.

That new Dell UP2715k 5K IPS monitor looks amazing. I was shocked that it would require to graphics outputs to drive the screen resolution. That is an amazing line in the sand to cross. The display panel has outpaced the capacity of a single output stream. I highly doubt that Costco will be selling 5K monitors anytime soon, but they look beautiful on the YouTube reviews.

Content is going to have to take a major step forward. Netflix is the only 4K video source in my current arsenal. I’m not sure my current internet subscription could support 4K streaming. I still buy Blu-ray movies and play them on my Xbox One.

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