On 4K Video

20151129 Storm Stryker, Broomfield, Colorado, 7:53 AM

Title: On 4K Video

The use cases for 4K video are expanding beyond early adoption. Streaming service applications embedded into 4K televisions seems to be driving adoption. However, I am forecasting that 2016 will see a shift in the technology frontier and an expansion of use cases.

My Storm Stryker computer case is powering a basic 27 inch Samsung computer monitor. At some point in 2016, I am going to take the plunge and upgrade the components in my Storm Stryker case to support a new 4K monitor. Technology spending will see a major uptick when 4K content delivery changes. My base computer components get updated every few years. I mostly just add and remove parts from the case. I paired down from a 3 monitor setup to just one monitor last year.

3 major changes are coming related to consuming 4K content use cases:

  1. Production of 4K ready desktops, laptops, and tablets will reach a tipping point. These devices will be ultimately capable of streaming to televisions and will drive 4K adoption.
  2. Content providers like cable/satellite television companies will start providing 4K channels and 4K capable boxes. The availability of live sporting events in 4K will drive a certain part of the market toward purchasing 4K televisions.
  3. Gaming consuls like Xbox and PlayStation will support 4K output of content. Upgrading to 4K gaming will drive a large number of adopters of 4K televisions.

I am willing to bet that a large number of people will end up with setup combinations that involve either 4K screens in offices for computing and 4K televisions setup for gaming, streaming, movies, or television. However, it is possible that the majority of the population might shift to some type of projector technology driven by tablet computers.

I’m drafting my 2016 Technology Watch List. That list will be published soon enough.

Are you ready for a challenge? Take the next 10 minutes and write down 10 emerging technologies to watch during 2015. Last year I elected to accept the challenge and make a quick list of technologies to watch.

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