Office Impermanence

During the home office cleaning process some things got moved. My work laptop and monitor got swapped. I must have been ready for a change. Things on my desk usually stay in the same place for years. This time all sorts of things changes changed. A router was removed from the desk. One very large text book was added underneath my primary monitor to raise the height about two inches. A monitor and laptop docking station traded places. Even my work keyboard and mouse are in slightly different places. We will see how it goes today. I still have 3 piles of things on the floor to deal with today.

One of the light bulbs just went out in my office. I’m going to replace all three of them with LED bulbs. That just might happen today. At some point, I want to replace the lighting fixture in my office with something that utilizes full size bulbs. That should be a pretty easy change to make.

My new Lifespan treadmill seems to be working well. Setup required an extra step to align the belt. The printed instructions were easy to understand. After reviewing them, I still watched a few YouTube videos on aligning treadmill belts. An Emerson 26″ basic LCD 720p 60Hz HDTV was bolted the wall in front of the treadmill yesterday. Modern television wall mounts are pretty awesome. Content for the TV will only be supplied by the Chromecast device via an HDMI connection. My goal is to only view content from YouTube.

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