Next Step Technology

The folks at the dentist office were pretty entertained by the heart rate tacking capability of my Fitbit Surge. They had not seen one before. I really thought technology would have revolutionized dentistry. Maybe nanotechnology will finally be the trigger. A decade ago people thought nanotechnology would revolution everything. Recently, people seem to be rather focused on 3D printing. I have not seen any 3D printer specifications that would support nanorobotics. The intersection of 3D printing and nanorobotics is something that has drawn my attention. I’m not sure where it will end up.

It may be a good idea to take the next step in snow removal technology. A snow blower will be purchased at some point this year. The City of Denver has inspired that purchase. A large amount of snow dropped from the sky last week. I watched the driveway become completely covered. Shoveling seems to always be required.

Denver Snow 2015


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