A new year a new NelsCAST

2015 may be the year of the Chromebook. It might be the year of the Chrome computer. It will probably be the year of the next high definition television standard – it may be called UHDTV or something to that effect. HP has built a few Microsoft based devices to compete with the Chrome based devices. They are racing down a road that maximizes hardware to value. It is a great example of the free market working. Some of the Chromebooks that Best Buy has looked pretty good. They are reasonably priced.

I’m about to retool a technology news algorithm to support the revival of the NelsCAST.  I’m thinking about building some type of YouTube channel related to a weekly show. At this point, I’m not willing or able to run a daily show. Building out a complete new algorithm should be fun. Now would be the time to take everything from past efforts and build toward an epic future. This could be the year. The algorithm could have outstanding practical applications.

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