Still pondering graphics cards

For two consecutive weeks I have tried to order one of the new NVIDIA 30 series graphics cards. First, the RTX 3080 sold out in seconds last week. Second, the RTX 3090 sold out almost instantly this week. At this point, NVIDIA would have been better off just listing the tiny supply of graphics cards they have on eBay and allowing the market to take care of things. Whatever they did as a course of business failed miserably. I still do not understand why they did not just set up a method for preorder that accepted payment and put people on a waiting list for delivery. The people that really wanted one of the first graphics cards in this new series would have just waited in line to get the card. Demand was that strong on this one. That would have been the best and most fair way to share this graphics card with the world. At this point, I can say the launch process has been rotten. On October 15, 2020 the last NVIDIA 30 series card will go on sale. I’m not expecting the sale process for the RTX 370 to go any better based on the previous two examples. 

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