Revisiting my Chromebook

It took a few weeks. I am finally used to writing on my ASUS Flip Chromebook. The application version of Microsoft Word from Google Play seems to be meeting my writing needs. Writing on a weblog is supposed to be about providing an ongoing narrative. Most of my intellectual efforts over the last few years have been focused on understanding the intersection of technology and modernity. A few other threads tend to weave the fabric of my intellectual curiosities together. For better or worse the only defining narrative relates to the things that interest me. The lens with which I view the world is my own. That lens for the most part is applied to the generation of prose on this Chromebook. For the most part I have been very happy with my ASUS Flip Chromebook. The engineers at ASUS need to refresh the hardware. First, the device needs a USB type C port that would replace the oddly proprietary power cable. Second, it would also be nice if ASUS sold an LTE version of the device. Those two changes would really take the ASUS Flip Chromebook to the next level.

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