Ordering another power cable

Yesterday, I already ordered a new test run of an 8-pin Corsair power cable. It was hard to tell from the packaging photographs if the item being sold contained one or two of the cables. I’ll find out sometime next week when the package arrives. I’m gearing up for the release of these new NVIDIA graphics cards and as you can tell I’m pretty excited about getting one of these next generation cards. After a quick search of the epic cord bins from the dustbin of history stored in the basement 3 different cable options were discovered. This is one of those things you really want to have sorted out before the graphics card arrives. Actually being able to go out and buy this type of cable is next to impossible even in a city the size of Denver. Only a few stores may or may not have the cables needed and getting to them at the right time of day is always a challenge. I’m going to have this sorted out way before the graphics card ever arrives at the house. It does remind me that keeping all the extra cables that arrive with things is sometimes very useful and other times extremely cumbersome..

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