Oh those monitors and such

Earlier today I spent some time looking at computer monitors again. It seems to be a cycle that happens a couple of times a year. This time around I’m waiting for the Dell UltraSharp 40 inch curved monitor model U4021QW to naturally reduce in price. That seems to happen on a roughly 2 year cycle as new models arrive. My office setup currently includes two Dell UltraSharp monitors of slightly different sizes. It took me a little bit of time to get used to having the 38 inch and 36 inch monitors sitting right by each other. Key to coming to grips with that size disparity was making sure the bottom edge of both monitors was aligned to the same height. Most of the time when I switch from looking at one monitor to the other I look toward the bottom of the screen and aligning it that way makes the discrepancy less troublesome. Sure that is not a major concern, but it really does tend to get on my nerves from time to time. When I’m not using two different computers I can switch over my primary Dark Base Pro 900 housed computer to run both monitors and that is a rather immersive experience. Most of the time I just use the monitor with two different pieces of content split down the middle of the screen vertically.

My intention when I sat down today to write was to produce a solid page of prose. It does not appear that is going to happen. I just locked in and produced that one paragraph about computer monitors. Sometimes at the start of the day I can end up writing some very stilted and tactical prose instead of getting into the deeper end of philosophy and strategy. 

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