Oh that Code 43 error

Right now my record player is completely separated from anything digital. It is 100% analog at the moment. For some inexplicable reason my Audioengine D1 digital audio converter purchased back in 2015 is throwing a weird Code 43 error. It uses one of those weird USB Type-B connectors (like an old printer cable). I have tried 3 different cables to get it working and a host of different USB ports. One of the cables was an older USB 1.0 standard and a couple of the other ones were USB 2.0 standard. None of them worked. I even tried plugging the whole thing into a USB hub to try to make it work that way, but nothing worked. Right now I’m listening to things on my monitor speakers. I’m not a big fan of that type of audio. It lacks the depth of my Audioengine A5+ speakers. Those speakers are now sitting on a credenza behind me plugged into a record player. That is working out well enough for records, but the rest of my audio needs are not being met very well with the monitor. Trying a host of different cables and ports did not seem to help at all. Sometimes troubleshooting fails. At this point in time, I send a note over to Audioengine to see if they have any idea how to defeat this horrible Code 43 error. It is entirely possible that my 5 year old DAC gave up the ghost and it may be time to purchase a new one at some point.

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