New keyboard day

A long time ago, I purchased a Microsoft wireless natural multimedia keyboard with a product ID of wur0385. It happened long enough ago that I am not sure where the purchase was made. It might have happened in a store or it could have been an online deal. That keyboard lasted for what seemed like forever. In retrospect, any way you dice it that keyboard was a solid purchase. I vaguely remember having a gray wired Microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard in college. Switching to a wireless version was an exciting transition at the time. I’m not sure the wireless feature really added any value. Throughout the years the keyboard remained pretty close to whatever computer tower was being used.

A deal on the Amazon website convinced me to make the switch. Something was going wrong with the older keyboard. It had to be synched fairly often. That synching was a relatively new problem with the keyboard. I found it pretty annoying. The wireless keyboard age is over in my household. A USB connected Microsoft natural ergonomic 4000 keyboard is now connected to my Storm Stryker housed system. I installed the keyboard with the riser component. That feature may not be a permanent part of my setup, but so far it seems to be fairly comfortable.

Both keyboards


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