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The Denver Zoo had open admission (free) days Friday and Saturday. We did not know about the free days on 2/6 and 2/7 event in advance of leaving the house. When we arrived at the zoo just after it opened… the traffic situation was out of control. It was a sea of people approaching the zoo by any means necessary. People were parking blocks away and walking up. We turned around and went home. It was beautiful day. We just made plans to grill out and went to the grocery store.

My current computer setup will not support a 4K monitor. The old graphics cards that are in my Storm Stryker tower do not support DisplayPort technology. That means that getting a new 4K monitor would require a graphics card upgrade. I’m not sure that type of commitment is a good idea at the moment. Prices for monitors seem to be dropped. Almost all of the technology seems to be in flux. I’m not sold on curved monitors, but companies are making them and consumers are buying them.

At various points throughout the last year, I have been thinking about downgrading to one larger monitor vs. having two smaller ones. Some of the new 30+ inch computer monitors have more than enough real estate for multitasking. For some reason, the 34 inch LG ultra wide monitors have really caught my attention. Prices on the LG monitors have dropped enough to make them a more reasonable purchase. We will see what happens, but I’m on the lookout for my next monitor.

I have been seriously looking at some Chromebooks. My VPN needs pretty much rule out the Chromebook experience. Maybe at some point that will not be a concern. If I ever give up teaching online, then my first move will be to buy a Chromebook.

Bears at the zoo
Bears at the zoo


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