It’s really 20190917…

Last night my sleep score was probably terrible. My Fitbit will not sync right now so the exact score remains a mystery. In typical troubleshooting fashion, I rebooted the Fitbit and after that did not work the phone is getting a reboot. Naturally, after the sync occurred following a reboot of both devices an update was available, “Updating Your Fitbit Ionic,” is the only message I’m seeing right now. If you do not know about the speed of Fitbit updates, then let me share with you that they are like Windows 95 updates. You watch them go and wonder if things are going to be ok or not ok without any control outside of hope. It has been several minutes and it just says, “Installation in progress…” At this point, I just try to stay positive and hope that the good folks at Fitbit wrote an updater that will not nerf the device. Obviously, my time was not a key consideration during the design of this update process. Fitbit clocked my sleep score at 81 last night. Apparently, I just had a really hard time falling asleep, but things went well enough after that.

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