Graphics card decisions

During the course of the day yesterday I started looking at the Thermaltake Level 20 HT computer case. It looks pretty amazing and the teardown videos related to it were completed enthralling. I had no idea how much computer case teardown videos would capture my attention. At the moment, I do not need to purchase a new computer case. My Corsair 740 Air cube style case is working just fine. The other consideration is the size of this case. I took a look at the dimensions then immediately got out my tape measure. At 24.13″ x 18.43″ x 19.8″ this computer case would take up a lot of space under my desk. It is markedly bigger than the Corsair 740 and way heavier at around 45 pounds without any parts in it. I’m glad that making a decision about a future case is a problem for the future. Speaking of the future, tomorrow is the day where I’ll have to make a decision about buying the NVIDIA GTX 3080 when it first goes on sale. I would have to wait a week to buy the GTX 3090, but it appears to be literally 2x as epic as the 3080. Decisions are going to have to be made. It’s entirely possible that I will not login fast enough tomorrow to get one of the graphics cards and will have to wait and try again the following week. My guess is that these graphics cards are going to sell out very quickly.

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