Dealing with Zip disk archives

The whole archive process has been a real challenge. Some of the legacy formats are getting harder and harder to work with as technology changes. I was able to order a USB driven IDE adapter cable. In theory, that should let me access any of the older hard drives and maybe the floppy and Zip 250 drive. If this cable based connection method fails, then I’m going to have to pay the $50 price on eBay for an old Iomega Zip 250 external USB drive. They seem to be selling around that price right now for an original one of those drives with the right cables. It is amazing how the price on these old storage management technologies stays so crisp. People apparently run into the same thing that I discovered. Knowing what is on the 5 Zip 250 disks sitting on my desk is really a true curiosity at this point. I’m pretty sure that none of the files on them are interesting, but I still want to know. I did a quick search on my content archive for “zip 250” and only two results popped up. One from this month and one from back in January of 2018. That reference was not relevant to this series of adventures. It is entirely possible that I have not accessed these Zip 250 disks since that Lian Li computer case with an original AMD Athlon chip was my daily driver as a computer.

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