Building custom computers

Writing a daily functional journal entry should be routine. I have been writing for years. Some of it has been interesting. Some of my writing efforts are not very personal. Other writing efforts have been. Making a transition to producing a more personal brand of prose will happen. It might be a slow process. It will be a process that starts one day at a time.

Starting the day off with an episode of This week in Computer Hardware (episode 347) featuring Patrick Norton seemed like a good idea. Over the years, I have watched a lot of Leo Laporte online programming. I have started saving up for a new computer build. My primary computer is several years old and cannot support the new generation of graphics cards. This year may be the year that a graphics card and monitor upgrade happens. Some of the new motherboards are looking pretty good these days.

I have been browsing 4K computer builds on YouTube. Some of them have looked pretty good. More than a couple build combinations have crossed my mind. At some point, one of them will probably occur. I keep telling myself that a new computer build will help inspire some deep analytic analysis.

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