Concluding the new keyboard search

Ok —- I have an update on my keyboard search. 

During a trip to Staples (an office supply store) near my house they had a Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard on clearance for $50.. Given that the device is usually $129.99 and seemed to be pretty good. At that very moment, it seemed like a good idea to just buy the keyboard. It was heavily discounted. The box looked like it was in good shape. Some of the YouTube videos I had watched seemed to praise the keyboard.  After getting the keyboard home and trying to connect it to my Corsair Cube custom computer, I realized pretty quickly that the build was completed without any Bluetooth connectivity. That pretty much meant that the new keyboard was probably going to be assigned to my work computer. That is probably the better configuration going forward anyway. Right now I’m typing a lot more throughout the day during my working hours than during my early morning writing session and evening coding adventures. That is the update on how my search for a new keyboard ended. It was rather uneventful. The decision criteria used to make the purchase were entirely driven by price and opportunity.   

Two cups of coffee have been poured and are now gone. This day is starting a little bit slower than it should have started. Instead of spinning up my Warren Zevon station on Pandora I went straight into watching YouTube videos from my subscription feed. That was not the right choice for productivity today. I can write and listen to music without any problems, but the YouTube videos grab my attention and slow down the writing process. That is one of those things that I know is a major driver for slowing down my productivity, but sometimes I still fall into the trap of an endless string of YouTube videos. It’s a mix of guitar and technology related content mixed with some travel themed content. That pretty much sums up my YouTube viewing. After giving up on cable television I subscribed to a few creators and I consume the content they make on a regular basis. The videos are shorter and I can view them at whatever pace happens to occur. 

My plans for the weekend are pretty much a blank slate. I guess that means it is a tabula rasa Saturday. That is a much better weblog title, but I’m not going to change the title at this point. Maybe next weekend you will get to see that title recirculate to the top of the best Saturday post title list. Chances are I will have moved on and picked a different title, but you might be able to predict the future from this paragraph. Sure it is a small prediction, but it is something.

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