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People are hustling this morning. The airport was buzzing this morning. It seemed like people were in a hurry. That happens sometimes.  The Einstein bros bagels store did not have a very long line. I was able to purchase a power protein bagel and some espresso without any real challenges.

Over the last year, I have been pretty satisfied with my Klipsch R6i earbuds. They replaced my classic Bose noise cancelling headphones. I have been eyeing the Bose wireless Bluetooth headphones. However, I have not wanted to carry them around. Traveling all over the country involves careful packing. My switch to earbuds was purely about ease of use. Having a microphone for phone calls was also a huge driving factor for the switch. The switch has worked out well enough. On longer flights it would be nice to have the headphones again. They really do limit the amount of background noise.

I snag earbud wires on things from time to time. The last pair I destroyed got caught on a door handle. I could feel the wire stretch. That is pretty much the hallmark of doom for earbuds. My current pair of Klipsch earbuds have survived my travels.

I’m about ready to renew my research interests. Now seems as good a time as any to pick up where I left off. My interests had focused on a microtargeting via automated survey research. It started off as a pretty simple research project. I built a basic web crawler that pulled in content to either a single file or a series of structured daily files. Those files could be crawled for certain cuts of data. It is pretty easy to build a summary of the content. You can even bump the files up against positive and negative scores for each word. I never could get a daily top 10 list script to work. I had wanted it to deliver me a list of the top 10 topics and a degree of positive or negative context.

That is pretty much where I left off. I’m considering a rebuild that script. It could be an interesting thing to figure out. It would be a challenge. It is something that I believe could be finished before my birthday this year.

An airport view
An airport view

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