Thinking about games

Advice might not help at this point. Things appear to be inflight. My attention recently turned toward building a new and challenging game. Most of the first thirty level are already percolating in my head. It is only a matter of time till I start coding the game. Building the game should be fun. It should be an escape from my regularly scheduled activities. We all have to do things other than work. That really does seem to be harder and harder to accomplish. 

Building a video game will be an example of an individual pursuit. Some things end up happening separately. Some things end up happening in partnership with others. We try. We really do. It happens. We try to work together. People generally know how to work together. It happens in a variety of ways. Most of the time it happens organically. Sometimes it happens out of necessity. Other times focus purposely engage in disruptive behaviors that make working together difficult. Society functions based on a set of shared conventions that make things reasonably predictable. Those conventions are inherently interesting. Most of them are overlooked.

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