Saturday Learning TensorFlow Fun Day

Our friends at Google released an open source library for TensorFlow last year. That effort is greatly appreciated. It provides folks throughout the world with the opportunity to get in and get going without starting from scratch. In the world of machine learning that is an important nudge. Normally, I like to be first in the pool for new technology. This time around I am about a year late to the TensorFlow party. Today that party is about to get started with some tutorials and maybe even some research about completing a nanodegree later this year. For the next five days I will be focused on learning how to utilize TensorFlow. Yep. That is right. Three days from this upcoming week were scheduled for vacation just to focus on learning how to use TensorFlow. Some of that time will also be spent cleaning the house. I cannot program for 72 hours straight anymore. That type of sustained single minded purpose may not happen anytime soon. I can work on something every day, but marathon efforts are probably a think of the past.

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