Learning more Python on YouTube

Thanks to the folks over at Microsoft Developer on YouTube you can learn some Python. 

Python for Beginners on YouTube from Microsoft Developer

This is the link to all 44 videos on YouTube

Today I installed Microsoft Visual Studio Community edition on my Corsair Cube desktop for fun. It seemed to be a good idea to help me follow along with the really awesome set of 44 videos the fun folks at the Microsoft Developer YouTube channel posted. Specifically, it seemed like a good idea to have Visual Studio installed and ready to go to follow along with the, “Configuring Visual Studio Code | Python for Beginners [4 of 44],” video. 

Well. I got Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 community edition installed. It seemed like a good opportunity to just install Python again. After all of that was done, I realized that they wanted me to install Visual Studio Code (which is a different download altogether). That was easy enough. I went with the insider edition of Visual Studio Code for fun. Installing the Python extension was wickedly easy within VS Code. It was the first link in the marketplace for extensions and was just one click away from being ready to go back and follow along with the Microsoft Developer YouTube channel videos.

Ok, I’m on video 5 of 44 and we finally started with the print statement. 

print(‘hello world single quotes’)

print(“hello world double quotes”)

Why do I always find that strangely rewarding?

Update #1: I made it to the, “Demo: Formatting Strings | Python for Beginners [12 of 44],” video before it was time to take a little break and walk around the house.

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