Development objectives

Drawing a line in the sand should feel good. It should be about more than just the line. It has to be about something meaningful. It has to be about an inspiring narrative. I realized the other day that my efforts to push things forward on a daily basis had slowed. That is not acceptable. It cannot become acceptable. The line in the sand is a real as you are prepared to make it.

Maybe that line in the sand is about making a contribution. Devoting 20% of your 24 hour day to a project would involve 288 minutes a day. Maybe it would be easier to devote one hour a day to something. Carving out 60 minute a day to work on something should be possible. My new goal involves spending 60 minutes a day programming. My current coding project involves creating games for the Android platform. Every day from here on out I plan on working on a level. Knocking out one level at a time is the right path to getting things built out.

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