A coding adventure

Taking the day off work required some planning. Today is the first real day of March Madness. That spark was enough to create the opportunity. Getting setup to spend the entire day listening to music and coding was the hard part.

  • 6:30 AM — Dropped off the kids at school
  • 6:45 AM — Acquired a power protein bagel
  • 7:02 AM — Made two shots of Starbucks verismo Guatemala Antigua espresso
  • 7:14 AM — Booted up the Pandora streaming service and turned up the volume on my Audio Engine A5+ speakers
  • 7:15 AM — Opened a bottle of lemonade flavored Powerade and a1 liter bottle of Smartwater
  • 7:21 AM — Started coding the first level of my new puzzle game
  • 9:08 AM — Started coding the second level of my new puzzle game. The first level seems to work
  • 10:44 AM — Started coding the third level of the game. My progress has slowed down. I have already started thinking about lunch.

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