Those first Pixelbook Go impressions

Right now I’m starting to type with the Google Pixelbook Go for the first time. A few of the reviews I had consumed this week talked about how quiet the keyboard was during normal use. I’m wearing my Bose Q35 headphones right now and listening to music at a reasonable volume. I can still hear the keyboard during my rapid typing. I’m wondering if the noise is more or less my fingers traveling against the keys or if it is a mechanical noise made by keystrokes. If you strike the same key over and over again, then the sound is not present, That probably indicates that the typing noises I’m hearing right now are from the way I am typing not from the keyboard itself.

Game seven of the World Series is on Fox right now. The second inning is on. I’m going to spend the night writing. Getting used to this new keyboard is taking a little bit of time. The keyboard on my ASUS Flip has a very specific feel. This Google Pixelbook Go has a decent keyboard that is very different from what ASUS has to offer. It always takes me just a bit to get used to working on a new computer. I’m still a little surprised that Matt Scherzer is pitching tonight. It really sounded like Matt was done for the year.

My first real observation about the Pixelbook Go is that it shows fingerprints both on the shell, keyboard, and mouse. I have only been using it for a couple of days and I can already tell it is showing signs of use. My Dell laptop has not had the same problems. It normally takes a bit of time for this type of wear to show up on a laptop. It does not in anyway impact the functionality of the device, but it is just a little bit unexpected.

Getting down to writing is about taking the time to translate thoughts into keystrokes. At the moment, I’m sitting down on the sofa and working on a bit of writing. It is about the feel of the keys and the process of moving along from one thought to another. I’m going to try to ignore the spell check and get into the writing groove for a little bit here. It is a bit of a throwback to the stream of consciousness writing that generally occupies my days. Today was an interesting day. I dusted my bookshelves. That is just how far it went today. Part of cleaning up my office is about getting my personal workspace into a top notch writing condition. Sure — I know that having a clean office is not related to my willingness to sit down and write. Really all I need is some type of writing medium and time. That is pretty much how it works.

The zoom on this Google Doc has been changed to 125% from width. The text was a little bit to big on the screen and needed to be condensed down just a little bit to better enable writing for long periods of time. Tonight is one of those times where writing is going to happen. Game seven of the world series is about to move into the sixth inning. Nothing is stopping me from spending some time using this new Pixelbook Go. Over the years, I really wanted to get one of the original Google Chromebooks, but the price was just out of control on those. This device was about two hundred dollars more than the ASUS Chromebook that I would have purchased to replace my C101P. This form factor and spec seemed to check every box for the things that I needed and it was exciting to purchase.

The seventh inning is about to start. This keyboard is starting to become comfortable. I’m getting used to typing on it and that seems to be helping my productivity. A lot of the advertisements these days seem to be talking about food deliver or the delivery of things. Maybe the better way of saying it is that a lot of the advertisements these days are focused on delivery. That feels like a relatively new phenomenon over the last few years. For the vast majority of time that I can remember the primary delivery advertisements were for pizza. Times have changed for sure.

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