Thinking about my 2019 Pixelbook Go

I just moved my Pixelbook Go back to the stable channel from the beta. Something was going on where the device got pretty hot right under the top of the keyboard where the Pixelbook logo is stamped. Sort of right by the middle of the keyboard up toward the display. Most of the time this Pixelbook is just rock solid. It arrived back on October 29, 2019. The only thing I have considered doing to it is moving off the native operating system from Google and installing some flavor of Linux instead. Right now I’m curious about the Pop!_OS operating system. I really have not had any trouble with the device so I have not had any reason to make the change. 

When Google decided to shelve any future Pixelbooks it was rather disappointing. At this point, I probably would have upgraded at some point. When this device breaks down I’m going to move to a System76 laptop. The process of researching which one to pick is already under way. They sell systems with Pop!_OS so that should be an interesting way to go. Having a very mobile laptop with really good battery life for writing is really my primary use case. It does not have to be super powerful, but it does have to last all day when that type of writing is on the docket.

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