On chromebook stickers

Yesterday was a day where some NFL games were watched. I watched 3 or so full games throughout the day yesterday via the over the air broadcast. The picture was super clear and the upscaling was solid on my 4K television. It was very strange to see the games without the fans in the stands, but it did feel like things were a little more normal with football occurring in September. We stayed in the house and socially distanced from the world, but that has been the routine for the last 6 months. Oh, I forgot to mention that during the first game for some reason I pulled all the stickers off my Google Pixelbook Go chromebook and put them in my standard Moleskine art sketchbook. It’s just a notebook without any lined pages. I’m not making any kind of art in the notebook that I’m aware of unless you consider the cacophony of thoughts that are captured to be some type of work of art. I would not agree with you on that one, but you might be able to make a case. The process of pulling the stickers off was actually really easy and cleaning the surface took just a couple of minutes. I’m not entirely sure why yesterday was the day I went from wanting stickers on my chromebook to being completely against stickers to the point of compelling some type of action on my part.

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