Chromebook scratches

My Pixelbook Go has been wrapped in a dbrand black carbon top skin. That seemed like the right thing to do to prevent scratches on the top of this device. The bottom of the device seems fine so far, but the top was picking up scratches. Now it is all wrapped up in black carbon skin from dbrand. The installation process was pretty easy and took maybe five minutes to complete. Most of that time was related to using the hairdryer on the edges and corners.

Apparently, I’m on a 10 day weblog publishing streak. That seems sort of exciting. I’m not exactly sure why, but it does seem a little exciting. Beyond the general blog writing that has been happening each day I’m tackling my new Substack posts with near reckless abandon. I’m working on them in the morning and the evening every day. That is a recipe for getting things done and it is working out so far. My goal is to get pretty far ahead in Substack posts so that a lot of refinement and tinkering can happen along the way.

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