ASUS Flip Design Considerations

The NFL Pro Bowl was on this weekend yesterday. We had some leftover pizza from John Paul’s birthday party and watched a number of Kansas City Chiefs playing in the game. It has been nice to see the progression of the Kansas City Chiefs throughout the season. Things got better. Overall the organization has been getting better. Kansas City has been enjoying some recent sporting success.

My ASUS Flip Chromebook was my primary computing device during my trip to Chicago. Using the Chrome operating system basically feels like using the Google Chrome web browser. I have been working out of a few different tabs without any real problems or issues. The Microsoft team has done a great job of converting the MS Word application to run online. For the most part Chrome provides access to the basic productivity things I need to write on a daily basis.

My major criticism of the ASUS Flip Chromebook is entirely based on power supply related design choices. It would have been easy for the ASUS team to utilize either a basic micro USB or USB type C to charge the device. It would have been easier to charge during my travels via USB. The screen works well enough and the keyboard feels pretty good. The aluminum body has held up pretty well and does not quickly show fingerprints.

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