Breakfast is at 7 AM

Tonight should be interesting. I have about an hour and a half to write before bedtime. A few more minutes could be allocated if inspiration strikes. Breakfast is at 7:00 AM and I’m already ready for that first cup of coffee. This post is being written on my Nexus 9 tablet. Over the last few months I have prefered using my ASUS Flip to write long form essays. The Nexus 9 keyboard and setup just do not stack up well against the keyboard and larger screen of the ASUS flip.

Recently, I elected to complete a factory reset on my Nexus 9. Overall, my Nexus 9 has been working much better after a complete factory reset. The Nexus 9 was never the best tablet ever built. Some of the design decisions were suspect. From the launch it had some limitations. One of them being related to the physical memory the device contains. That factory reset removed every application that had been installed. That action by itself probably would speed up any tablet. A few of the online forums that I had reviewed had mentioned that a few rogue applications might be eating up memory to the point of causing lag. That may have been what was wrong with the device. The instructions were pretty easy to follow. I grabbed them from the Google support site.

I made it two paragraphs in before switching from my Nexus 9 tablet to the ASUS Flip. It was a great switch. Zero regrets on that move. Having an actual keyboard makes all the difference during a good writing session. Today was a very good day on the thinking and reflecting front. Outside of those efforts a ton of family fun was had by all. Colorado is a fantastic state to explore. Easy hikes are great. I was not prepared for anything technically difficult today. HIkes that require specialized equipment were not in my plans this weekend. Today was more or less about putting one foot in front of the other while looking around at nature. I spent a ton of time thinking about how to use Google Photos to replace my Flickr account. After the latest round of Yahoo related password protection failure I really want to cut ties with Yahoo/Flickr. However, I have been using Flickr since 2004 and have some type of oddly sentimental attachment to the service. Based on the usage data from the site my photos do not need to be housed online. Nobody is really looking at them. Flickr houses well over 10 years of my digital photographs. A collection that stands apart from my current creative efforts.

During my hike today I snapped a ton of photos using my Nikon D3200 camera. Some of them are probably decent. Most of them could be deleted. None of them really need to be shared online. Oddly enough, I still feel the need to share them online. Maybe that is something related to my experiences with Flickr over the last decade. My website has the ability to host photos. I could even post photographic essays. Somehow that type of creative effort does not really resonate with me. I like the idea of uploading and sharing them within a photographic driven community, but that is not something that I have done recently. Maybe getting a new camera like the Sony A6500 would drive my interest in digital photography. My Nikon D3200 takes decent photos. Nothing is really stopping me from hitting the trails and taking photos. It just does not appear to be something that I am going to do when left to my own devices.

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