Amazon Echo Review

Impulse purchases can be dangerous. It seemed like a good idea to join the Amazon Echo beta group. I’m not sure why. With my Amazon Prime membership the cost for the device was only half the retail price. It only cost $99.00. When I received the email saying I could officially get an Amazon Echo – I was hooked. I paid for one day shipping and eagerly awaited the arrival of my Amazon Echo. Initially, I tried to convince Joni it was a present. However, Joni was able to quickly deduce that it was an impulse purchase. Setting up the device was pretty easy. It took about 10 minutes to get everything ready to go. Initially, the device was deployed in the kitchen. That did not really work. Nobody used it. Two days ago I moved it upstairs to the master bedroom. I quickly realized how to use the Amazon Echo device. For the most part, it is just a speaker that responds to voice commands and can play content from the cloud. The speaker sounds pretty decent. I now use it about twice a day. I’m not disappointed in my purchase, but this device will probably be more useful after the 2nd generation release.


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