2015 Technology Watch List

Are you ready for a challenge? Take the next 10 minutes and write down 10 emerging technologies to watch no during 2015. I elected to accept the challenge and make a quick list of technologies to watch. This list has been sorted based on my level of interests. List construction took about 10 minutes of brainstorming followed by about 30 minutes of annotation.

  1. Multiple material 3D printing – 3D printing systems are interesting, but the next big step forward will involve systems that can print using multiple materials. This could revolutionize the personal computing industry based on custom builds.
  2. Home automation technology – a few companies have sprung up that are providing home security and basic automation technology. People seem to be pretty excited about home automation. This could be a key area in 2015.
  3. Wearable technology – the first round of wearable technology may have over focused on smart swatches. The next round will probably be more diversified.
  4. Personal robots (for the home) – more companies are joining the home cleaning robot race. The first company that figures out how to commoditize floor cleaning robots could become a house hold brand.
  5. Extended range electric cars – the first wave of electric cars did not have a long enough range to drive sales. 2015 may be the year where longer range vehicles begin to influence the market.
  6. Drone delivery system production – both Google and Amazon seem to be driving this area of technology forward. I’m not sure where it will end up, but 2015 may be a key year for adoption.
  7. Turnkey machine learning systems with applied big data – business professionals are looking for easy ways to take advantage of automation and applied big data. The next generation of turnkey technology may help small and medium size businesses take advantage of big data.
  8. Voice interactive operating systems – science fiction writers have been theorizing about interacting with computers for years. 2015 may be the year that voice recognition technology catches up with our past exceptions of the future.
  9. Personal laser systems – batteries are getting smaller and more powerful every year. At some point, batteries will be able to support portable laser systems
  10. Nanomedicine – this one is probably the least likely to be realized in 2015, but it does have the potential to change everything.

On a go forward basis, I will revisit this list quarterly. Are you ready to make your list?

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