Oh that Windows 11 processor list

The folks over at Microsoft made an update to the “Windows 11 supported Intel processors” list yesterday on Friday, August 27, 2021. 

Screenshot of the i7-7800X in the list

It now appears that my i7-7800X has now made the list of supported processors. 

Screenshot of my i7-7800X system information

However, that change has not made it all the way down into the preview just yet as I’m still getting this warning:

Windows insider program hardware warning

Based on the strong reactions to the Microsoft Windows 11 processor lists so far I’m guessing that this will keep garnering more news coverage. While I’m glad that buying a new motherboard, process, and memory will not be required on my part, the amount of hardware out in the wild that will never be able to move to Windows 11 is staggering.

Selling a computer case on eBay

Winning that graphics card in the Newegg shuffle involved having to purchase and take possession of an unwanted computer case. It arrived yesterday basically in the box from ASUS with a shipping label on it. A lot of people are selling brand new listings of this case on eBay.[1] That tells me that a lot of the other people who purchased this case immediately turned around to sell it online. I’m probably going to end up selling mine at a loss, but I really wanted the graphics cards so that is the cost of doing business with Newegg and the shuffle system. The ASUS ROG z11 mini-itx/dtx mid-tower pc gaming case is smaller than any computer case I have ever used to build a machine. Sometime next year I will be replacing a few parts in this computer that I’m using right now. As of right now, the Windows Insider preview build of Windows 11 Pro has flagged that my computer does not meet the minimum hardware requirements. 

For some reason Microsoft has decided to come up with a hardware requirement standard for WIndows 11 that will literally make more than half of all computers obsolete. The environmental cost and consequence alone of such a decision is mind boggling. Whoever came up with this decision should probably have to develop a method to handle all the elecontics waste they just created worldwide. That is a problem anyway for the computer industry. A good portion of the precious metals used to make a computer are very difficult to separate from the build making recycling very difficult. A large portion of old computer hardware ends up in landfills. 


[1] It looks like this case has 16 listings on eBay and none of them have any visible traffic https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=ASUS+ROG+Z11+Mini-ITX%2FDTX+Mid-Tower+PC+Gaming+Case&_sacat=0&_sop=15