Oh those weekend thoughts

Time quickly passed this weekend. I spent a fair amount of the weekend just resting my back. Somehow and it was one of those ineffable things I managed to tweak my lower back last week. It lingered into the weekend and I’m hopeful that today is the turning point where things will get better. Oddly enough a bit of back pain is enough to slow down and destroy my writing sessions. Apparently, I need both my mind and my body to be in agreement to sit down and create some prose. Right now I need to write two more posts for The Lindahl Letter to have my writing on schedule for a bit of a break here in October. The two posts are generally in the draft to build stage of the process.

My process really does involve having about 5 weeks of posts in planning or revision at any given time. Some of that is researching what needs to go into the posts in terms of articles and links the other part is the slow writing process of adding in the content as necessary. I could go with an approach where the content is just written the weekend before and sent out that Friday. Adding the audio recording changed that for me and made it to where I needed to work a bit ahead to be able to complete an audio recording. Almost all my audio recording happens first thing in the morning during the absolute quietest time in the house. Only a small two hour window exists on the weekends where the household including the dogs are going to be relatively silent.

My office picks up banging or other loud noises. A few of them have made a podcast along the way, but you would have to listen very closely to notice. During the course of recording live streams on YouTube I ran into the same type of ambient noise problems. The podcast audio is cleaned up compared to the live stream content. To be fair on that one the live stream content is not cleaned up at all. That is not something that you really go back and clean up for audio quality.

I may have to go to my alternate writing schedule where 7 day a week future posts receive tinkering. This is all about working out the first two October posts. I’m sure it will end up getting completed, but at the moment on this particular Monday things are not moving along very well. I spent some time watching YouTube videos about various guitar parts. That happened. It happens from time to time. My interests typically shift between looking for computer parts and looking at guitar parts. One of the things that has saved me a bit of activity in the last few years is that computer parts were really hard to come by and the rate of change on motherboards and chipsets was low. I did take the time to price out a brand new computer build this weekend and it can get really expensive pretty quickly.

Start of the month watch winding

I’m a few days late in the monthly winding of my watch to the correct date. The time as you can imagine is generally right but depending on the number of days in the month the date may not be anymore. The watch I’m wearing right now only keeps the time and date. Now that all of the watch related mischief has been managed it is time to confess that I have been looking at decorative wood watch boxes. I don’t really have enough watches to need one. For some reason it is one of those things that has drawn my attention. Maybe one day I will have enough watches to need a special wooden box to hold all of them, but that is not something that will happen any time soon. I seem to acquire a watch about once every ten years or so based on a very limited sample size of two watches. I’m not counting smartwatches as they generally something different and not built or kept across a great span of time. I have had a number of different Fitbit watches over the years. The latest one was not charging well anymore, and I ended up switching back to wearing a more traditional watch.  

Beyond not taking care of my watch winding this month I have neglected to write any weblog posts. Right now, while I watch the extended cut of the “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” that writing drought my come to an end. This version on HBO Mas appears to be 3 hours and 48 minutes. I’m probably going to have to take a break in the middle of watching this verion to have lunch at some point. I broke down and paid the team over at HBO Max upfront for a year of streaming content. Right now, my streaming services have built up to three total providers. We annual subscriptions to HBO Max and Disney+. On a monthly basis the team over at Netflix is still being paid. That is probably the streaming service most likely to terminated to bring the count down to two at some point.  

Ugh those smartphones

Smartphones and streaming did not make me uniquely happier. The things that I have decided to consume need to be memorable. Not more memorable or somewhat memorable, but actually something that is easy to remember because it was impactful. Art that elicits emotion falls into that category. The first time I heard the album Texas Flood (1983) by Stevie Ray Vaughan it stopped my perception of the rest of the world and focused my attention on the music. So much of what we consume is just very single serving content that won’t ever be memorable. Sometimes just taking the moment and enjoying the silence between things is enough to really start to think deeper about things.