Revisiting all those March things

Welcome to the month of April. I’m still in a little shock that it is 2022. Typing that year every day makes me wonder why the future promised in the movies is not here yet. We were totally promised flying cars by now and other epic world changing technological advancements. Yesterday, I really strongly considered just blowing out my archive files and starting over. I would probably regret destroying my video and image files. I’m going to do an evaluation this weekend to make sure they are fully backed up between the cloud services I utilize for that type of thing. My collection of writing while immense in words is not really that big in terms of data size. Backing up several million words is really a trivial task in the grand scheme of data management. The only convoluted part of that is that each document is its own separate store of content. I never pulled all my written content into a database. At one point, I did put a lot of my writing from the weblog into a corpus file for GPT-2 to work with during the creation of a bot that was patterned after my writing style. It whined about writing and offered colorful assides. I guess that means in practice it worked. 

Last month 19 of the 31 days in March received a weblog post. Overall my writing schedule was maintained more than 50% of the time and my rate of productivity was high. I’m going to need to continue that type of effort throughout the month of April. I’m going to work to dial in my writing efforts to a couple of journal articles that need to be worked to completion. That means my writing routine will roughly include daily weblog efforts at the start of the day, academic papers during the evening, and on the weekends “The Lindahl Letter” production will occur. Nothing within that pattern is out of the ordinary and it should be sustainable. I had considered moving the podcast audio into both an audio file version and a video recording for YouTube. That would require two separate recording efforts. That is what stopped me the first time around. Recording and editing really high quality audio does not really lend itself to a video format. Maybe I’ll record a video about the production process to demonstrate that reality.

Free up that writing spirit

Recording just completed for week 63 of The Lindahl Letter. I’m still about a month ahead of actual publications at 4 issues loaded and scheduled. I’m still trying to figure out why Substack as a platform did not send out my publication on team time this week. It does not appear to have impacted readership, but I don’t like the unexpected failure. Being on time and having things ready ahead of time is a key part of delivering quality content. 

Yesterday ended up being a little bit of an old school blogging day. Topics were covered as they happened and it was just a list of things and observations. Maybe this current streak of publishing every day is starting to free up a little bit of the old writing spirit from wherever it was being constrained.

Completing enough content before spring break

The first portion of this morning was spent on editing a Substack post called, “Touching the singularity.” My routine of writing on Saturday morning and finishing the editing on Sunday morning worked well enough. I was able to complete the audio recording for that post today and it is scheduled to go out on Friday April 1, 2022. Based on the current planning and scheduling I’m four weeks of recordings ahead on The Lindahl Letter. After spring break that buffer will be diminished by a couple of weeks. I’m not sure The Lindahl Letter will ever be months ahead in terms of recording. The content is not meant to be tied to a specific time and place. I’m trying to write in a more general way that really covers a topic vs. trying to provide news or observations that are time sensitive. One of the things that I do need to complete at some point is a YouTube video about the audio recording and editing process. You can probably expect a video about how I record podcast audio at some point in the near future. It has been snowing since last night in Denver, Colorado. It’s March 6th and we have several inches of snow on the ground. Being stuck in the house all day might be the catalyst to complete that video. 

I’m probably going to need to update OBS and maybe take some B roll of the microphone setup itself with my Sony ZV-1 digital camera. Given a couple shots of espresso and the right amount of quiet time I can probably record the entire thing in one shot without a script. My podcast recordings are highly scripted and produced to the point of sounding professional. At least, I think they are relatively professional in audio quality for a weekly podcast recorded at my desk for the pure purposes of adventure. Given that I’m already starting to think about the mechanics of the recording process, that video is probably going to happen. I have a couple of hours right now that are going to be spent on digging into the content presented in my 5 year writing plan. Finding solid blocks of time to engage in academic writing is something that will continue to be a priority. Really sitting down and deeply focusing without distractions is almost becoming a super power these days. It is something you have to be planful about and really make happen on purpose.