Working along on some writing projects

Yesterday I spent some time finishing up my week 52 post for The Lindahl Letter. This morning I gave it another pass including some light editing and expansion. My weekend routine of writing posts on Saturday morning and editing the post the next day during my Sunday morning writing adventures has been working out well enough. This last time around I waited till the very end of the writing process and moved all of the content over to a word processing document template setup for publishing. I’m not sure if this time around I should figure out a way to just write into the template and begin with the end in mind. The problem with that strategy is that the final product won’t include all the weekly links to videos and Tweets. To get to that point the content would have to be more embedded into the post in the form of ongoing prose instead of broken out a section of links. Unfortunately, sections of links do not translate very well to a manuscript. They are more suited to a weekly newsletter format where clicking digital links is the outcomes of the process instead of an archival purpose. 

Things to do this weekend:

  1. Finish week 52 of The Lindahl Letter for 1/21 publication
  2. Final review and publish on Upper Bound Chronicles eBook
  3. Review and publish on Dream Chaser Archives eBook
  4. Start edit of United Earth Chronicles
  5. Begin work on Older Essay’s Assembled eBook

Still thinking about research

Over the last couple of days I have spent some time researching and thinking about finding a solid IRB partner to do some survey research in the technology space. It seems like the best solution may be to find a research partner at a university that has better access to that type of support. That is probably something that is possible to figure out, but it was part of a realization that some things are easier with an institutional partner. Outside of sending out physical surveys which would require approval I could write and deploy an automated analysis tool that compiles survey-like scores to support research papers. Alternatively, it would be possible to grab some publicly available data sets and do work within that space. My strong preference is to do work by creating my own method of data collection. That lets me really target the research project to the question being tested.