Considering a YouTube Shorts series

For some reason I had set up a second YouTube channel a few years ago. I went through the mechanics of removing that channel via the old fashioned delete workflow routine. The interesting part of that was having to type in the entire channel name to finalize the delete. The process was pretty rigorous and would certainly prevent somebody from an accidental channel delation. You have to really want to complete the process to make it happen.

Right now I’m editing a video for YouTube in the daily vlog series in the PowerDirector application. Apparently, these YouTube Shorts need to be under 60 seconds. That made me wonder if I should work to prepare both a Shorts and a regular vlog release every day for a bit to see how it feels to get into the groove of making daily videos. Several years ago I did successfully make a vlog for the good part of a year. It was an interesting adventure and to this day people still watch parts of that series from time to time. I’m not entirely sure why or how that happens, but it does seem to happen. Maybe the most interesting part about loading up the first couple of YouTube Shorts videos is that they don’t show up on my main YouTube channel page. They have a special tab that they live in called Shorts. 

Yeah, I was a little surprised that they don’t show up in the all videos feed. You can find them in the vlog playlist, but they don’t really show up within the normal configuration. I went out to the channel customization area and sure enough they have a shorts video widget you can add to the main page for your YouTube channel. Naturally, I went ahead and added that Shorts section and dragged it to the top of the pile of widgets so it will be the first thing that people see who happen to visit the channel page. To be completely fair on that one the vast majority of YouTube traffic is not channel landing based. That is not really how people stumble into the next video they are going to watch. YouTube viewing is highly recommendation engine based. 

My big plan for the next week is to record little video clips throughout the day and mix them down into a YouTube Shorts video (sub 60 seconds) to produce a daily vlog. I’m going to commit to building a week of that style content to see how it goes. We will see if people like to see the adventures of Rocky the dog on a more regular basis. Rocky takes walks, naps, and eats. Hopefully, the daily vlog will end up being a little more interesting than that series of events, but it might very well end up being one of those every day is the same sorts of video series. Maybe it will help me mix it up a bit within my routines and daily adventures. 

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