Sit down and write a block of words

My ability to sit down and write a block of words has gone in and out of service in the last two weeks. That is understandable, but it still surprised me a bit that my focus could be disrupted. I have been absorbing a ton of new generative AI related technology. So many companies are spinning up in that space and they do all sorts of interesting things. An interesting element of that is how much of it runs back to a common set of APIs where people are calling models for answers. The interesting part of this equation is that people are spinning up local hosting and sometimes even hosting in notebooks.

I watched the Pinecone company sponsored, “AI Transformation Summit 2023.” They loaded the 11 videos as playlist here on YouTube:

Yesterday, I spent some time setting up my OBS, webcam, and microphone to record some desktop driven demos. It has been a few years since that was a priority for my efforts. Low friction workflows are super important to help drive my ability to create content. I want to be able to record and upload without really having to do any editing. 

I watched this video and learned how to set up a special filter to change my webcam video from a rectangle to a circle in OBS. Strangely enough, this was an oddly rewarding filter to create. It was not a hard thing to do, but it was a little bit rewarding. For a few moments I did consider using the chat bubble for my filter. That consideration quickly faded away

Right now I’m considering watching this set of videos: