Keyboards keep getting better

I’m still rocking the Corsair K65 RGB 60% size mechanical gaming keyboard as my primary daily driver. Using it does require in my opinion a Kensington duo gel keyboard wrist rest or some other type of ergonomic wrist riser. For me the keyboard needs to be about an inch in front of the wrist rest and I can type throughout the day without any problems. Earlier today I spent some time writing and thinking about how to best move forward. Certainly the keyboard helped deliver those thoughts from ideation to fill in the blank page. 

I’m striving to spend some time writing a blog post every day and thinking about what things deserve my time. A bit of writing each day is a great way to actively engage in thinking. Over the last couple of decades I have found that the act of writing for a long period of time is enough to really help me think deeply about something. From time to time a pure type of stream of consciousness can be productive while it does open the door to some extremely useless prose generation. Imagine a lot of derivative writing about the nature of writing. Certainly, that is something that does not really have to be imagined. It exists everywhere. 

I think 2024 will be the year that the internet fundamentally changes. We may see a shift in the way internet usage is occurring. We may very well interact and make requests differently going forward. We are going to see a lot of disruptive technology landing this year. We may look back at this next year as the year of big pivots in base technology.