Commit to making the idea a reality

Today started out with my looking back at what massive stack of prose got produced yesterday for the old weblog and it was not impressive. Seriously, it stacked up to just a single line of content, “I’m about to really dig into each state in terms of analysis.” A lot of thinking went into writing that line of text, but it was not a very impressive display of producing the written word. My overall 5 year writing plan is still in place and I’m working on my backlog to produce a single block of content from that backlog each week. Achieving that output requires spending the early hours of both Saturday and Sunday working toward creating some good quality words and conducting research. I’m trying to stay 5 weeks in planning and review at any given time. That means that I’m doing a bit of research at times and other times I’m writing. Generally speaking the goal is to produce tight blocks of writing content that deliver on the topic in the best way possible. 

At this point in the journey, I have added a weekday activity to my efforts. This is in addition to my normal backlog production and it involves building out some new things. Working on an actual project is both awe inspiring and daunting. It took a little bit to form up all the things that needed to be set up to get this thing live and running and then it took a bit to take the plunge and just start development. That effort is going to involve a ton of automation, research, set up and sustained productivity on my part. I think it will end up being a rewarding project a year from now. You will be along for the ride. After I get the foundation setup to the point where it can be shared from stealth mode into proper production I’ll probably chronicle the journey. 

  • Commit to the idea
  • Figure out what needs to be done to realize the idea
  • Take the plunge and begin work on delivering that realization
  • Build a realistic backlog of what needs to be done
  • Figure out if you can do that by yourself
  • Commit to making the idea a reality

Right now in the process I have the idea and have begun the process of figuring out exactly what needs to be done to realize the idea. Naturally, I started to build the project code and set everything up live in production. It’s highly unlikely that something brand new will take up too much attention at the start and for me it’s easier to see something live and running than to think about it in the abstract. Pretty much from this point forward I’m going to spend some time every evening until the project is fully automated working to make it a reality. This has also started a new musical journey where I have switched from my Warren Zevon or NIN channels to a pure diet of Paul Oakenfold’s best songs on Pandora.