One of those types of days

This weekend a bunch of time got devoted to cleaning up my office. I even went back into a stack of paper journals that has remained unmanaged for years and managed a huge stack of randomly piled things. That is part of my effort to clean up things. My Scandinavian Designs credenza is certainly a place where a lot of nonsense could be stored. It has rather large storage compartments. One of them unfortunately was filled with a stack of journals, papers, and other collections of just pure nonsense. I have not used any of it in well over a year and it seemed like this weekend was a good time to clean that mess up. I think that has to do with my interesting in getting things extra clean this weekend. I’m not entirely sure where that need to clean came from this weekend, but it certainly happened.

Yesterday, I sat down to watch some football over the air (OTA) which worked out well enough. I had my Google Pixelbook Go with me and for some reason. I did not want to write anything. Throughout the day 3 different games were on the screen. Time passed and writing could have happened, but instead of working out some things on the keyboard my mind just wondered around ideas without producing any prose. It was one of those types of days. It happens from time to time that the writing process just functionally stalls out. I’m rapidly approaching the 104th post on my Substack writing plan. Maybe something about that is lingering in the back my mind. It is a major milestone.

At the moment, I’m ready to shift over and start the new journey at post 105, but that is problematic given that I’m working on finishing up post 91. The rest of the posts between 91 and 105 are all framed up and ready for writing. The rest of the topics seem pretty workable. I think the blocking factor is just getting stuck on the content for the 91st post. The main content is already written, and some links are assembled on that one, but it is a short post. The best path forward at the moment might just be to accept the brevity of it and chalk it up to a bit of pithiness.

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