Content that wandered into existence

Yesterday I ended up recording episode 113 which will debut Friday, March 24, 2023. This is the single longest podcast recording of anything in that entire series. It ended up coming in at 26 minutes of recorded content. I did the recording in one take. Yes, I was oddly proud of being able to do the entire recording in one take. While I’m writing this particular post we are sitting at a point where the next 3 weeks of posts are ready to go and will go out assuming Substack continues to exist. 

One of the things that I did spend a few moments thinking about was if I should just be posting the content on the blog when I get done creating it. At the end of the year, I’m certainly taking the content and putting it into manuscript for publication. At this point however, I’m not posting it on both the blog and substack. They are for the most part distinctly different communities and I certainly could cross post the content. I’m not sure why during the course of finishing up the 113th week of content that wandered into existence

During the course of my efforts this morning I looked at the next 5 weeks of content and started to sketch out how things were going to come together. Today could very well be a day where I have some time to sit and research for a few hours. We are probably going to watch an SNL replay given that a Kelce brother is hosting it.

One of the other things to note today is that I have reduced my caffeine consumption. Today started off with one shot of espresso and a glass of water. Instead of having 2 shots of espresso the day has officially started with just one shot of espresso. This was a major 50% reduction in my daily start of the day caffeine consumption.

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