Always building blocks of content

This morning I spent some time working on content blocks for weeks 137 and 138. Some general research is underway for week 139 as well. Currently, three weeks are staged up and ready to publish. Hopefully, tomorrow morning that will be extended back out to 5 weeks of staged content. My plan is to finish up and record audio for two weeks of content. I’m still actively working to record podcast audio each week. It is one of those things that I have considered dropping from my routine a few times. It has even made my “stop doing” list a couple of times, but it is not really that big of a time commitment and people do utilize that content stream each week.

It’s entirely possible that I’m at the peak of my creative abilities. I can sit down and write just about any block of content. Tackling even the difficult things has become easier and easier. Conceptually, I have it that 10,000 hours of practice threshold a few times on the writing front and maybe just maybe one of those threshold passes was successful. Knowing that might help influence what things from the backlog get tackled and in what order.

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