What is probabilistic machine learning?

Thank you for tuning in to this audio only podcast presentation. This is week 90 of The Lindahl Letter publication. A new edition arrives every Friday. This week the topic under consideration for The Lindahl Letter is, “What is probabilistic machine learning?”

The post this week is going to be on the shorter side of things. I think that is in part due to the very straightforward nature of the topic under consideration. It really could have just been a link to a single book on the subject with a polite note that reading it would help you understand pretty much everything you need to know. To that end, it looks like the book on probabilistic machine learning from Kevin Patrick Murphy has been downloaded 168 thousand times [1]. That is pretty darn good for something in the machine learning space where the inflection point is generally over or under around 10,000 points of interest on a topic. It appears that Kevin really surpassed that ceiling by a ton of downloads. The book is very easy to get to and the search engines really seem to algorithmically love it as well. Given that this topic has a lot of refences to Bayesian decision theory you probably could predict that it would get my full attention. The topics that generally grounds all of my efforts in the machine learning space is that background in statistics and my enjoyment of working with Bayesian pooling. Let’s begin to breakdown the idea of probabilistic machine leaning involves understanding two general steps. First, you must accept that you want to explain observed data with your machine learning models. Second, those explanations are going to need to come from inferring plausible models to aid you in that explanation. Together those two steps help you begin to evaluate data in a probabilistic way which means that you are aided by the power of statistical probability grounding you to a rational approach. To me this sort of spells out an approach that is not based on randomness or anything particularly chaotic. 

Murphy, K. P. (2012). Machine learning: a probabilistic perspective. MIT press. https://research.google/pubs/pub38136.pdf 

Probabilistic machine learning papers

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Probabilistic deep learning papers

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[1] https://probml.github.io/pml-book/book1.html 

What’s next for The Lindahl Letter?

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